38 Tips for Better Teaching, Tip 3: Blogging

By Aidan on March 21, 2016
Posted to Teaching and Learning

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Welcome to Tip 3 of the series, 38 Tips to Better Teaching. These tips are free, bite sized audio files containing information from #LearnWithUs, Teacher Solutions professional learning for teachers. They are designed to help you with current thinking in teaching and learning.

Sometimes we just need a quick snapshot of a theory or an idea to get us thinking about it, trying out something new or reflecting on the degree to which it is relevant or right for our own context. 

38 Tips are 38 ideas/theories/practices that resonate through current research and quality practice, presented as audio files for quick listening. Sample them, decide what works for you and have a go. During the audio track you’ll also hear where other resources are available to support your exploration of the topic.

This tip is about Blogging.

Struggling to motivate your students to write? Looking for an alternative to portfolios? Want to have students collaborating on documents online? Want a platform for student self and peer assessment? Hear why blogging might be the answer.

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