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Behaviour with the Brain in Mind Course

The human brain is the only organ we know of that controls its own self-development.

Want to create classrooms that are uplifting for the spirit? This course is for those interested in what neuroscience and current research are saying about how best to manage students’ challenging behaviour. You’ll understand why inappropriate behaviour is a learning opportunity and how to make the most of this by growing healthy concepts rather than managing unhealthy behaviour.

Lesson 1 Introducing the brain and behaviour
In this lesson you will be introduced to the brain as a learning organ and that the centre piece of learning about behaviour is language rather than emotions.
Lesson 2 Importance of concepts and emotional intelligence
In this lesson we will explain why concepts influence behaviour and why aiming to grow healthy concepts is better than managing unhealthy behaviour.
Lesson 3 Shifting concepts, building belonging
Next we explore an alternative model based on our understanding of the importance of language and healthy concept development. Learn how to move from a ‘telling’ model to a ‘coaching’ model.
Lesson 4 Bringing it all together
Working with a view that learning occurs best through coaching and feedback, language is the currency of instruction and that we need to manage concepts, this lesson looks at how to make it all work.

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