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Stop falling asleep in the back of literacy & numeracy lectures you’ve heard 27 times and get your edu-mojo back. Teacher Solutions offers you courses you’re excited to take. The ability to earn PD hours when it suits you. Practical tools for a better classroom. And a golden ticket to unfettered weekends.

We provide teachers with smart solutions to:

meet PD requirements from home

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keep up with the latest in pedagogical research

explore new topics, beyond literacy and numeracy

get familiar and confident with digital tools

fall back in love with teaching

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Behaviour with the Brain in Mind

Learn how to create classrooms that are uplifting for the spirit. Taking into account what we know about how brains work, this course explores human behaviour, student engagement, and emotional intelligence to support the creation of effective behaviour management.

Learning by Design

In this course participants will develop an understanding of design thinking processes and design based pedagogies. Explore educational applications for design thinking, current goals of STEM education, and how 3D printing can enhance student learning outcomes.

Building School and Classroom Culture

In this course you will learn a range of practical strategies for building classroom and school cultures focused on student ownership, democratic principals and collaboration. Classrooms as communities of learners and schools where peer support is the norm are great places to work and learn.

We help you do all this, so you can focus on your teaching

Centralise Hours and Certificates

Create Learning Journals

Innovative Online Courses

Access Free PD Sessions

Communicate and Collaborate Globally

Australian Curriculum Support

With 24 hours to browse our entire collection of resources and courses before committing... You’ve got nothing to lose.

Our resources cover a huge range of topics, and are growing by the month

Digital Technologies

Formative Assessment

Design Thinking

The Arts & Creativity

Importance of Play

Literacy & Assessment

Teacher Solutions is a South Australian small business, creating and curating the best online professional learning for teachers across the globe. Try a subscription today, we're here to support you through every step.

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"I've found myself feeling a lot more confident, and finding ways to connect with kids about teaching digital technologies — thinking like a computer scientist!"

Course User for Demystifying Computational Thinking

Teacher Solutions helps teachers implement digital technologies in meaningful and purposeful ways. We support teachers to enable greater student voice, engaging learning opportunities, inquiry and differentiated instruction. Digital technology is a key to greater collaboration on a global scale and empowering young people to be socially active, self determined and ready to face the huge challenges that face humanity.

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